BMW 440i(F32/F33/F36)

Eddy Catalytic Downpipe (B58)

+ 11.5Ps
at 5815rpm
+ 1Kg/m
at 2854rpm

Eddy Catalytic Downpipe (B58)

Meet the latest technology that adheres to the world's increasingly stringent environmental regulations at the same time enhances performance to another level. In comparison to commercially available linear frustums, the "eddy catalytic technology" adopts an arc-packaging method. The turbine emissions process produces a vortex effect which purifies the exhaust gases while maintaining an equal amount of back pressure. When compared to a variety of horsepower tests and straight downpipes, our patented eddy catalytic technology can effectively increase horsepower and torque.


1. Patented O2 sensor technology design provides real-time data performance by accurately sensing every rotating displacement. No more delayed or error code problem.

2.Using one of the rare noble metal to help efficiently filter out exhaust gas.

3.A special 3D design able to achieve a perfectly matching model with the original pipe. The same installation applies, no need to modify.

4.SUS304 Stainless steel.

5.Dual Cross-Welding Technology providing substantial increase durability.

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BMW 440i(F32/F33/F36)

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BMW 440i(F32/F33/F36)

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