BMW 520i(F10/F11)

Cat-Back System (M5 Rear Bumper)

Remote Control Valvetronic System (M5 Rear Bumper)

STONE valvetronic system.

Easily to install, use OBD2 socket, it can be operated after connect the drive motor.

Using strong transmission components between the motor and the axis of the valve, to avoid the possibility of fracture.

Constituting with simple parts, durable, low crashed problems.

Doesn't use the engine or brake vacuum, won't affect the engine power or reduce the braking performance.

On / Off / Setting / Auto functions.

Emission Notice

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BMW 520i(F10/F11)

Eddy Catalytic Downpipe (N20)

BMW 520i(F10/F11)

De-Cat Downpipe (N20)

BMW 520i(F10/F11)

Cat-Back System(the OEM Rear Bumper)